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Hot Sauce: Virtual Runways

As Covid continues to impact in person gatherings, the fashion industry faces many unique challenges, chief among them how designers and brands present their collections to buyers, the press, and all of us at home (literally!). The traditional fashion calendar, which is typically packed with live events, runway shows, and presentations is getting new life on the digital stage. From New York to Boston to international fashion capitals around the world, many cities have already announced their fashion calendar and presentations will be shown virtually. As such, many top brands have already started putting out virtual runway shows and a few of our favorites are below.

Lindsey Vonn Collection for HEAD Sportswear:

We're SnowStyle™ enthusiasts through and through so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to create this virtual presentation featuring the Lindsey Vonn Legacy Line for HEAD Sportswear by KB Fashion Productions. From metallics to lux fabrics, we give it a gold medal. See more of our virtual runway work here.


One of the biggest upsides of creating a virtual fashion show is the range and story you can tell. DIOR exemplifies this flawlessly by taking us to another world and telling a story that may not have translated as well on a traditional runway.


We love the energy and continuity of this video from Stine Goya. It welcomes the viewer into the collection and leads you in in a way that is hard to turn away from.


We love PRADA's approach here. By tapping into five talented artists, they created five videos in one that show the same collection through a variety of lenses. Pun intended.

Hot Sauce is a series of Hot Takes and Highlights from the KB Team on our blog, Extra Sauce. From the local stage to the international arena, we are highlighting trends in the fashion world. #StaySpicy#HotSauce#ExtraSauce

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