Meet The Team

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Grace Goodearl



Grace Goodearl is a social media expert, content specialist and social media strategist in the fashion industry.  Grace also has expertise in brand marketing in the fitness, lifestyle and fashion industries. For over 5 years, Grace has been an integral member of the KB Fashion Productions team creatively curating, styling and producing events throughout New England and beyond!  


Kathy Benharris



Kathy Benharris is highly regarded and widely recognized as one of New England’s leading fashion experts.  She is the Regional Director of Fashion Group International and is on the leadership team of the1.5k member strong Boston Fashion Meetup Group.  Her clients include individual brands, designers, international charities, private clients, retail entities, and publications. She and her team have developed, styled and produced events during New York Fashion Week and Boston Fashion Week.


Billie Gage


Billie Gage is a top tier stylist in the New England area.  She has experience with on model styling, prop styling, and room staging, working with numerous well known athletic brands, furniture and lifestyle companies.  Billie has been a member of the KB Fashion Productions team for 7 years and continues to bring innovative and creative solutions to every project.